Tuesday, August 3, 2010


Some time back I contemplated the idea of compiling a best "female vs. male" fights in the comics, since I've argued before that comics show a penchant for depicting such conflicts that are for some audiences harder to credence in other media (particularly those using living actors). So in the future I'll seek to chronicle the 50 most hard-hitting "tearing down the house" donnybrooks between the inhabitants of Mars and the denizens of Venus that I can find in the comics. "Comics" here includes not only American comic books but also manga and comic strips, though I doubt that the strips will have much representation beyond Modesty Blaise and Mammy Yokum.

(Oh, and though I've styled this "#1," none of the 50 is appreciably better than the other 49, as is implied by those godawful AFI countdown-listings.)

The first selection is from SUPERBOY #2 by Tom Grummett and Karl Kesel, in which the titular hero has his first rip-snorting rhubarb with the equally-strong Knockout. As often happens when the hero first encounters an opponent, this adventure ends with a win for the villain. The two continued their masochism tango throughout the early years of the series but in this case, the first time was definitely the best time.

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