Saturday, March 5, 2016


Given that I haven't updated this blog since October, it would be a fair assumption that other concerns have usurped the attention I used to devote to this blog-- particularly the "mythcomics" feature I've been regularly updating on a weekly basis since last year on THE ARCHETYPAL ARCHIVE. Though I still like the concept of FEMMES FORMIDABLES as outlined at the beginning of 2012, I don't have time to devote to it any more, particularly when (a) I don't get any sense that it's reaching any readership, and (b) I've probably covered most of the fictional characters I liked best, anyway.

I hate to let FF go completely defunct, though, so to whatever extent I keep my hand in, it'll probably go back mostly to the original, low-maintenance concept of the blog, which focused upon displaying prominent images of the "amazon archetype" in comics. This  won't do a thing to staunch all the crocodile tears of the people who look at comics' rich. Amazon-filled history and can see nothing but pin-up art. It also won't be any more popular than any other incarnation of the blog.. Eventually, I'm sure FF will pass away, but I'll attempt a few more transfusions before giving up the ghost.

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