Monday, October 18, 2010


Though Miss Victory debuted in CAPTAIN FEARLESS #1 (1941), her best fight may well have been in issue #2, from which the accompanying image comes. It's only a five-page story, but Miss Victory-- a tough-babe hero with no superpowers-- swiftly finds the location of a Nazi spy ring and beats all the spies to a pulp. That's pretty much the whole story, but with lively art from Charles Quinlan, who could ask for anything more?

The story is relatively easy to find in its reprint form, in AC Comics' MISS VICTORY GOLDEN ANNIVERSARY SPECIAL.

In this and other adventures Miss Victory was wont to say things like "Women inferior, eh?" as she smacked a Nazi on the jaw. Since at least one of the scripters was female, one Alberta Tews, this may've been a small shot at the ruling patriarchy of the time.

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