Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Since my last post happened to feature Dell's one and only issue of JET DREAM, I may as well make it a duo by now featuring Dell's one and only issue of TIGER GIRL.

Though this 1968 production by writer Jerry Siegel and artist Jack Sparling never had so much as an unlicensed revival, TIGER GIRL does seem to be the first NEW costumed heroine during the decade of the 1960s to get her own solo-feature title. All the others pretty much had to join teams like the Avengers or appear in back-up features (Charlton's NIGHTSHADE).

The plot of TIGER GIRL #1 is pretty much your basic three-act setup: the heroine, having aroused the ire of the crime world by her derring-do, is set upon by a hired assassin, "Wolf Hound," making this a true cat-and-dog fight. I give this a place on my "top" list less mostly because it is, like the JET DREAM issue, a whole comic devoted to the heroine's combat with the villain. Tiger Girl's powers are rather vague, but she seems to possess some degree of super-strength by the way she slams male villains around, sans the usual reference to martial arts.

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