Friday, May 24, 2013


By some reckonings the most outstanding aspect of IRON MAN 2 is not so much the confused plot pitting the titular hero against Mickey Rourke's "Whiplash," but rather the first live-action translation of Marvel's fan-favorite femme formidable.

That said, though Scarlet Johansen does a nice job with the visual presentation of Natasha Romanov, there's nothing particularly noteworthy about the character as presented here.  She's a supporting character whose role in IRON MAN 2 seems of less moment than the way her appearance sets up her particpation in the far superior film, the 2012 AVENGERS.

Not only does the script for THE AVENGERS pay much more attention to the Widow's capacity for badass action-- even in the company of "heavy-hitters" like Thor and the Hulk-- her abilities as a spy receive better exposure in that film as well.

As yet no solo project for the character has come to pass.  Johanssen's participation in the AVENGERS sequel has not yet been affirmed.

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