Friday, May 24, 2013


More interesting for its potential than its execution was the 2011 film HANNA, reviewed here.

The character of Hanna Heller, an original film-creation by writer Seth Lochhead, is a young woman who from birth was genetically altered by the CIA to become superhuman.  Her surrogate father steals her from the organization and raises her in isolation, preparing Hanna for the day when she chooses to venture forth and take her chances in the modern world.  Hanna's perceptor warns her in particular about Marissa Wiegler, the head of the genetics operation that produced Hanna (and thus in a symbolic sense Hanna's "bad mother.")  Still, he does allow her to make the choice as to whether to leave her isolation, and though HANNA is often a dark film it does allow the heroine more freedom of action than one sees, for example, in Lady Snowblood, where the female protagonist is conceived to be the instrument of her mother's revenge.

The above scene shows Hanna demonstrating her atypical strength on a boy who might be described as her "first date."

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