Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Another underappreciated indie comedy-comic (on hiatus as I write this) was Richard Moore's BONEYARD, which chronicled the slapsticky adventures of well-meaning naif Michael Paris after he inherits a parcel of land known as "the Boneyard." The catch of Paris' inheritance is that the land is occupied by a group of friendly (if frequently obnoxious) monsters, such as a vampire, a werewolf, a witch, etc. The fact that the vampire is a sexy brunette babe (seen on the cover of issue #7 clad in boxing gear) does offer Paris some compensations.

Issue #7 focuses on the monsters' efforts to pay their taxes (since even monsters have to pay property taxes) by holding an exhibition bout. This eventuates in the tiny sexy vamp Abbey taking on colossal werewolf Ralph. And just as vampires generally dominate werewolves in cinema (though usually not with boxing-gloves), vamp Abbey creams were-Ralph. The bout is a popular success though the old "gotta-pay-the-rent" plotline isn't resolved right away.

The character of Abbey Abrahms (presumably named for Bram Stoker) continues to be the female lead for the remainder of BONEYARD's run. In addition, given her perternatural strength and near-invulnerability, she's pretty much the go-to gal whenever there's a zombie that needs its brains mushed.

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