Wednesday, November 17, 2010


And now, just for a last look at the Golden Age's jungle-girl subgenre, this time I'll link to the story itself, which can be read in its entirety on this scanblog, THE COMIC BOOK CATACOMBS.

I've complained elsewhere that a lot of Golden Age stories feature short combat-scenes because the stories are often more concerned with solving some jejune puzzle or sitcom-style problem. Those stories aren't without their charms but on occasion it's good to just see a hero face overpowering odds for the length of the story, sans any extraneous problem. This Cave Girl tale by Gardner Fox and Bob Powell (from THUN'DA #5, 1953) is one such tale, in which the titular heroine (and boy is she "titular" ha ha) faces off against three hunters with diverse weapons-skills.

Cave Girl as realized by Fox and Powell comes off as one of the meaner-tempered jungle girls of the Golden Age, and to AC Comics' credit, they continued some of this edginess as well.

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