Thursday, November 18, 2010


Speaking of alpha-females...

I'd like to have represented more stuff from comic strips than MODESTY BLAISE, but as I said before, comic strips have some problems with space limitations that inhibit the cultivation of long fights. Of course my other criterion for "best" on this blog (as noted in Post #2) is that a fight is also worth listing if it has some symbolic significance, but I haven't found a lot of those in comic strips either.

(Side-note: MODESTY BLAISE also ends up being my only representative of Eurocomics. Is that because I don't know enough about Eurocomics? Or is it because Europeans aren't as good as the Japanese and the Americans at crafting good f/m fights?)

(Side-note II: let's see if that gets me some nasty letters...)

Anyway, the illo of Lucy outboxing brother Linus is not the fight I'm listing: like a scan I put in the MODESTY writeup, it's just a visual lagniappe. The real fight is the great Schulz Sunday-strip in which Snoopy dons a boxing glove (on his nose) and challenges Lucy to a match. The two opponents quickly demonstrate that they are the Hulk and Thor of the Charles Schulz cosmos, for the chaotic bout ends with Snoopy wearing two gloves on his paws while Lucy sports the one glove on her nose. If this "supergirl" isn't exactly "on top" by the time the fight's over, at least she's no worse off than her opponent.

The feature film SNOOPY COME HOME more or less faithfully adapted the story, and the excerpt SNOOPY VS. LUCY is still available on YOUTUBE, here.

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