Thursday, November 18, 2010


I call the character in the illo "that Stanton girl" because she's not so much a particular character as just one iteration of the dominatrix-archetype that artist Eric Stanton used throughout his career as a fetish-comics artist. On top of that, though she's called "Juanita" in the story proper, the title of the tale is "Anita's Fight."

Like most fetish-stories this one's pretty simple. Juanita gets mad at a neighborhood man who won't clean up after his dog. Words are exchanged. He slaps her around. Juanita, after looking suitably helpless for a page or so, suddenly becomes a boxing-champ and beats holy hell out of the schmuck. The story concludes as Juanita shows the guy an unpleasant new way to clean up dogpoop.

Though Eric Stanton never delved into mainstream comics, in the early 1960s he and SPIDER-MAN artist Steve Ditko shared expenses on an artists' studio. A few quotes from Stanton about his presence during the conception of Spider-Man appeared in Greg Theakston's PURE IMAGES #1. Stanton didn't claim any creative input into the character but attested that he and Ditko occasionally worked on each other's art in minor ways. Some fans have asserted that there are more than minor Ditkoesque touches in some Stanton art, though "Anita's Fight" is not one of these.

From what biographical material I've seen, Stanton himself did seem to nurture a mixed-wrestling fetish, though one acquaintance claimed that the majority of his fetish-comics (probably dominated by spanking-fantasies) were made to order for his customers. "Anita's Fight" may therefore be more in line with the creator's own preferences, though we'll never be sure as he passed away in 1999.

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