Tuesday, November 16, 2010


The jazzy, long-haired redhead in the sleek leather suit-- particularly when rendered by Gene Colan-- is the best LOOKING Black Widow from Marvel Comics. But the character's best f/m fights appear after Frank Miller re-designed her with shorter hair and a more businesslike version of her leotard. And DAREDEVIL #201, scripted by Denny O'Neil and pencilled by William Johnston, is one of the best of these.

This is one of those "guest hero subs for the injured star" tales, so the title character barely appears while his onetime lover Black Widow takes over for him in dusting off the local gangsters. Johnston's art is just serviceable but gets the nod here because most of the issue is devoted to fight-scenes. As a minor plus writer O'Neil actually puts phrases in BW's mouth that sound like they could have come from an Eastern European character for whom English was a second language.

FTR the best action-rendition of the classic long-haired Natasha stems from the pen of George Perez. However, his multi-part BW saga in MARVEL PRESENTS is largely focused upon female-female combat, so it gets no respect here.

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